Posted by Lambda Living on Jun 16th 2020

Edible Printer FAQs

Our edible printers are quite affordable and seem popular among buyers. We want to thank all our buyers for their support and also want to answer some of the commonly asked questions.

1. Do I need an edible printer?

Having an edible printer can be convenient, but if you are going to print only once in a long while, you probably don’t need a printer, edible or not. Cartridges dry out sitting idle and you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time declogging the cartridges. It’ll be more efficient and cost-effective to order the sugar prints directly.

2. Is the edible printer right for me, or am I right for the printer?

If you have never used a printer before, we don’t recommend starting with an edible printer. Buy a basic model from Canon. You’ll receive better support, as it’s Canon’s job to teach you how to use Canon printers and all their features. You can always convert your regular printer into an edible one later on by purchasing edible cartridges. If you prefer buying edible cartridges from us, make sure your regular printer uses Canon PG-245, CL-246, or compatible cartridges.

An edible printer with refillable cartridges does require additional care compared to a regular one. If you’re not willing to accept changes, our edible printers are not right for you. What you need is an edible printer with one-use cartridges. 

3. Is the edible printer high maintenance?

No. Once you accept that there will be changes, you will realize the changes are actually minor. You only need to turn off the ink level monitors of the cartridges once in their lifetime due to their now refillable nature.

4. Are the edible inks used in the cartridges and sugar paper you provided certified?

Yes. Our edible inks are from IceImage, FDA certified, and Kosher certified. They are also made in the USA. We are also affiliated with FDA certified companies such as Wilton, BCH and 9pin.

We hope you enjoy the edible printers and also hope that they contribute to your business’s success. 

Thank you!