Edible CANON PG-245, CL-246 Ink Cartridges

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* Modified from new, genuine Canon PG-245, CL-246 Cartridges
* Sponges are removed to allow higher ink capacity
* Refillable
* Unclogging syringe included
* Can be used in any printers that compatible with PG-245 CL-246 Cartridges

Compared to regular inks, edible inks have shorter shelf lives and are more prone to clogging. Edible inks cannot be exposed to open air for too long due to risks of fungus or bacteria contamination.

PG245/CL246 cartridges provide an ideal solution for these. First, they have relatively smaller compartments compared to CIS systems but provide decent printing capacities (250-300 sheets per refill). This feature allows you to limit the exposure of the edible ink to the open air, therefore limit the risks of biocontamination. You can store the bulk ink in the refrigerator and take out only the needed amount to refill when necessary.

Secondly, these cartridges are called integrated cartridges, which means the cartridge and printhead are built into one unit. Every time you replace the cartridge, you automatically get a new printhead. If you have a deadly clog, you can always replace the cartridge. Thus, it is a more economical solution than the CIS or ink tank solutions, which require replacing the whole printer.

Thirdly, the unclogging procedure is also very simple. You can blow a small amount of air into the cartridge and increase its pressure, which will push clogs out of the printhead. No cleaning solution or complicated equipment is necessary.

Finally, these cartridges can be installed into any compatible printers. You don’t need to purchase a special edible printer. You can install them into a printer that you already have.

Package Include:

1 new Edible Canon PG-245 cartridge with built-in printhead (edible black)
1 new Edible Canon CL-246 cartridge with built-in printhead (edible cyan, magenta, and yellow)
1 unclogging syringe
1 refill tool kit
1 detailed instruction/guide

Compatibility examples(not a complete list, can be used on any printer that uses PG-245, CL-246 cartridges):

  • Canon Pixma MG2520, MG2522
  • Canon Pixma TS3120, TS3122 Wireless All-in-One 
  • Canon Pixma TS3320, TS3322 Wireless All-in-One 
  • Canon Pixma TS202
  • Canon Pixma TS302 Wireless