Refillabe, Edible CANON PG-260, CL-261 Ink Cartridges for Canon Pixma TS 5320

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* Modified from new, genuine Canon PG-260, CL-261 Cartridges
* Filled with FDA certified edible inks
* 3 x the capacity of the original PG-260, CL-261
* Refillable
* Unclogging syringe included
* Can be used in any printers that compatible with PG-260 CL-261 Cartridges. You don’t need to purchase a special edible printer. You can install them into a printer that you already have.

Compatible printers include:

  • Canon Pixma TS520 Black, TS5320 White, TS5320 Pink and TS5320 Green All-in-One printers

What you'll receive:

1 new Edible Canon PG-260 cartridge with built-in printhead (edible black)
1 new Edible Canon CL-261 cartridge with built-in printhead (edible cyan, magenta, and yellow)
1 unclogging syringe
1 refill kit
1 detailed instruction/guide

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